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Live with an Argentine Family

All our families are carefully selected for you to practice the Spanish Language every time you meet your host parents and have an excellent experience in Buenos Aires. All families will help you feel at home and together with Hispan Aires they will provide all the information needed to move in a big city as Buenos Aires.

Services at host families include:

  • Argentine breakfast
  • Argentine Dinner
  • Comfortable room
  • Single bed
  • Desk
  • Use of all common areas
  • Comfortable wardrobe
  • Income calls
  • Out calls (calling card)
  • Internet access (not all)
  • Family assistance

Immersion in Buenos Aires

Living in Buenos Aires not only is a great experience but also the perfect complement to achieve full immersion while learning Spanish in Buenos Aires. That is one of the reasons why we strongly recommend our students to live in host families or shared apartments. Students have the possibility to learn more and practice the language in day to day life.

Choose a family

Families are carefully selected in order for the student to feel comfortable as a member of the family. Once the student enrolls at Hispan ˜ Aires to take a Spanish course, he has the possibility to choose the perfect profile of host family he would like to live with, and at the same time to let us know his preferences about the staying. It is essential for the school to know in advance if the student has special requirements about foods. This helps the family a lot when preparing meals for the students.

Choose the Shared Apartment Option

For those students who prefer to organize their time in a more different and relaxed way, we offer shared apartments that can also meet their needs in the same way host families do as regards the student preferences. In all the shared apartments we offer, you will have the possibility to feel at home. You will be able to join for parties, meetings, dinners, etc. or going out with people of your same age. In all cases, the owners of the apartments are very kind and all of them will always be open to chat with you and provide you all the information necessary for you to live in Buenos Aires.


We offer several options in different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. All selected neighborhoods are safe and close to the school. To reach your host family or shared apartment it will take you no more than 20 minutes by public transport. Some of them do not require transport. You can walk to school.

Argentine Customs

Buenos Aires is very different from other countries as regards customs and timetables. All Argentine people normally have dinner at 9 pm or a bit later. So do not be surprised if dinner time is around 9. We have four meals, some people can respect it, some others can not because of too much work in the office or studies. Many people have to switch jobs so they have no time for lunch. People normally go to bed late at night, around 12 am and get up around 7.30 to be ready to go to work.

Argentine people are very friendly and helpful. Everybody greets each other with a kiss. Among men it is generally common to give each other a hug. Women and men all greet with a kiss when they are friends, classmates, relatives or workmates.

Nightlife in Buenos Aires

There are many different options in Buenos Aires as regards nightlife. Full of discos, pubs, restaurants that close very late at night. Certain areas like Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood, Recoleta, Las Cañitas, San Telmo, La Boca and downtown are very crowded places from Monday to Sunday, especially during the weekends. Check our Buenos Aires Info Section for more information about neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires.

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